The Work of Toc Fetch

by graphicnarrativemum

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In the words of Toc Fetch himself:
Statement/Synopsis No1: I have been closing my eyes and spending time inside myself every day for 40 years. I have found a place inside that is a still-point where time is not. This Place inside me has grown till now I feel more it than me. In this sitting each day I do absolutely nothing, I let go of me and see what comes. On occasions very lucid sights occur whose intensity dissolves the-me, and whose scale is too huge to fit into my thinking. These drawings and paintings are my best response to those experiences. They are almost accurate.

There is a story occurring between these images but I am carefully refraining from imagining it – waiting for it to reveal itself. To me this story can best be told in the medium of the pencil Nothing holds more directly the silent life of observation-in-light as a metaphor, undisguised, then pencil; simple, direct, and so very elemental. While on the other hand the exuberance of the sublime requires color. My drawings and paintings are stated in a careful language of tiny vectors sculpting forms out of space, catching and move perception with their continuous coxing suggestions. I have long been interested in James Joyce’s description of “Aesthetic Arrest” – to experience observation free of thought, free of time, opened into silence.

Statement/Synopsis No2: Through the eyes of an animal the scared and realized awareness of Reality watches and waits. An animal is the perfect answer to its niche – its form is the very shape of its exact need as sculpted by a million years of evolution. It is beauty incarnate. Our criteria for beauty was sculpted by the same principles of that formed that evolution. An animal looks out from the vast ineffable nature which is our very nature as well. Animals are holy. Animals live in a state of oneness with that ineffable nature – but humans are blocked from experiencing that awareness by the incessant domination of thoughts – by our ego/mind.

The absence of thought is blissful (blissfulness is not exciting, not interesting, not attached to desires or its fears, it is not good or bad, it knows no past and projects no future, it is a subtle ever present self-effulgent completeness within all of us that is synonymous in experience with beauty and peace. It is this realizations that is the essential statement of Tricia’s and my work. We create shrines to these beings we love – for those who love them as well.