Mosaic Writing

by graphicnarrativemum

Here Memoire of a Congo Girl by Kabuika Kamunga, an example of Mosaic Writing inspired by Maira Kalman’s Principles of Uncertainty. In a free-wheeling, personal and journal-like style you can keep the reader’s interest and attention by juxtaposing surprising images and ideas, going from abstract musing to concrete description and detail, from mundane specificity (a glass of cola) to larger concerns (politics), from the personal to the general and back again. This is another way of telling “story” without any linear plot, but you still evoke a strong atmosphere and world. You can see the slideshow by clicking on the images.

For anyone who missed it, here also the slideshow of the mosaic writers Kabuika was inspired by: Charlotte Solomon, Maira Kalman and Toc Fetch: