Book Binding Ideas (in case you are interested)

by graphicnarrativemum

Your final project can take any shape you want. In case anyone is interested in bookbinding options, here some links that might be of use:

Dos-à-dos book

In bookbinding, a dos-à-dos binding (from the French meaning “back-to-back”) is a binding structure in which two separate books are bound together such that the fore edge of one is adjacent to the spine of the other, with a shared lower board between them serving as the back cover of both. When shelved, the spine of the book to the right faces outward, while the spine of the book to the left faces the back of the shelf; the text of both works runs head-to-tail. In our class slideshow we will see several examples. More about this technique on wikipedia: Dos-à-dos binding Wikipedia

How to fold a poster into a book:
Book/Poster fold

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Handy links:
Book binding tutorial

Through this link you can see several tutorials on youtube on simple bookbinding techniques: