Figure and Character Drawing: Katie’s Pointers

And my personal favorite of his, foreshortening with the coil technique:



How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way


Here you can download in pdf form How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way:
How to Draw Comics the Marvel Way Download

Link to Amazon page for the book: Amazon How to Draw Comics


Cartoon Panels

PerceptionJanet Ho, “Perception”

Small Group Wall Projects

Stone Story“Stone Story” by Taylor, James S, William and Susie

Swamp Land“Swamp Land” by Crystal, James M, Brendan, and Nick

The Good, the Bad and the Karma“”The Good, the Bad, and the Karma” by Janet, André, Arianna, and Tara

Jam Comic

Today’s Jam Comic page:


Welcome Graphic Narrative Class, 2013

417607_546041402106878_1086049898_nDear students,

Welcome to the Graphic Narrative MUM course blog! The web address is:

In this blog we’ll post all kinds of relevant information relating to class projects, readings, artists we discuss in class, work by former students, examples of assignments, links to tutorials and artists’ websites, etc.

We hope you’ll enjoy it!

Katie and Nynke

Capstone Caption: Final message of the 2012 Class

Final Messages of the 2012 class:

Paul Morehead Jr: Assisting Nynke teaching this course was an experience I’ll never forget, and you all made it rewarding beyond my expectations. It was a great pleasure to share in your creative process. You all are well on your way to unleashing your purpose upon the world, weather it be in visual art, writing, the combination of both or elsewhere. I look forward to seeing your ongoing creations. “Be well, do good work and keep in touch.” – Garrison Keiler

Nynke Pass: Same here, Paul! You are a born teacher, and you are so knowledgeable in your field. You so easily brought out the best in the students. It felt easy and relaxed in the classroom, while everyone was learning and absorbing so much. I am unbelievably moved and impressed by the final output of work from all of you students! The show in the Argiro Café is outstanding–everyone says so. It looks great and each piece is made with care and so much technical prowess, so much soul, so much heart, so much intelligence.

It was a great honor and pleasure to teach this class to such a fine group of students, with such a fine TA as my co-teacher. Hope to do it again next year! Keep creating everyone, you all have so much talent. We believe in you!

The Technology of Drawing

Digital Production Methods:

From the marvelous minds at Wacom:

Presenting the Inkling:

Cintiq 24HD Touch:

Cintiq 24HD touch



Comic Artist Workflow:

Kazu Kibuishi on Copper:

Frank Espinosa on Rocketo:

Movies Based on Graphic Novels and Cartoons

Amazon’s list of Best Movies Based on Graphic Novels and Cartoons:
Amazon Best Movies based on Graphic Novels

A few of the titles, in slideshow format (click on the pics to see the slides):